Music Therapy

North Music Therapy provides services across the Halifax Regional Municipality.
We welcome you to come to our Studio conveniently located on Young Avenue, or we are happy to come directly to you in your home or school. Rates vary depending on session length and frequency. 

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Infancy and Early Childhood
Studies have shown that early exposure to music, and music-based learning benefits the growth of all areas of a baby’s brain.

Music therapy uses music in a fun and engaging setting to promote positive change. It plays a crucial role in the developing brain and can help guide your child through infancy and childhood. Incorporating music therapy into your child’s life can help with the healthy development of skills such as executive functioning, body/spatial awareness, and social, language, and pre-academic skills.
Music therapy supports healthy parent-infant attachment as well as infant development whether your circumstances include a premature birth, disabilities/developmental delays, post partum depression, or just the normal stresses of being a new mom or dad. Musical play is used to facilitate bonding between you and your baby.

Baby and Me Music Groups

In these fun and relaxing group sessions, babies will be introduced to a variety of songs and lullabies, have an opportunity to explore their surroundings through music, and play with a variety of different instruments. Stimulating and engaging music activities will work on the development of body/spatial awareness, social skills, motor skills, and pre-academic skills.  Parents have an opportunity to engage with their child in a warm and inviting atmosphere, meet other new parents, and learn new songs to take home with them.

Baby and Me Registration: Closed

All baby and me groups are suspended indefinitely. 

Please check back for updates.

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Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

Research in neuroscience shows that music therapy is a proven and effective therapeutic method that works to enhance motor, communication, and cognitive functioning for people living with Parkinson’s. Music Therapy works towards reducing many common symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, such as disrupted speech patterns or loss of motor skill. All techniques help to maintain an improved overall quality of life, and best of all, they’re fun!

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Music Therapy is an effective tool to help seniors maintain and improve quality of life through fun and engaging music activities.

Through cognitive stimulation from active music therapy techniques, the connections in the brain are maintained and improved, leading to an enhanced quality of life, cognitive functioning, communication, and reduced anxiety and agitation. Interventions used are adaptable to individual client needs and therapeutic goals.

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Music Lessons

North Music Therapy offers private lessons in flute, guitar, piano, recorder, and ukulele. We recognize the importance of individualizing lesson structures to match students’ abilities.  Whether this means adapting an instrument, notation, or progress pace, we will find a way to help you or your child reach their fullest potential!

In-Person (with physical distancing) and online lessons available. 

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